Who We Are

The American Women's Community is a leading worldwide movement with more than 10,000+ enthusiastic and aspiring women from the local area, civil society, research community, administration, and international institutions in over 110 countries. 
We are committed to enabling women to reach their full financial potential by motivating them to become leaders and change-makers in their community. We provide them with various opportunities, resources, and a global platform which promotes learning and sharing the experiences.

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Lisa was born in New York and never experienced the effects of gender inequality, as she worked as a lawyer in a company with many female employees. However, everything changed when Lisa went on a long business trip to Minnesota. She saw a different world full of sexism. 
It was then, in 2012, that Lisa decided to leave the career of a corporate lawyer and take up the protection of women's rights in America. In 5 years, she managed to achieve a lot. She launched the “New Initiatives for Women” campaign, agreed on a partnership with Reebok and Knixwear, conducted several workshops for women, launched an author’s course for female lawyers, and started a podcast on women's rights in the modern world.
Lisa wished that all women and girls have a “safe” space for “Freedom from the problems of everyday life” and refreshment with victorious solutions to develop their personalities in the best possible way.

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At the New York conference, the majority of participants appealed to create an active platform to develop the exchange of data, experience, and best practices in the area of economic empowerment of women. In response, US women made a joint commitment to create an online platform for women's economic empowerment.
American Women's Community was founded by Lisa Shimmer, a prominent women's movement leader. Since its establishment, AWC has evolved into a worldwide community with almost a million viewers and more than 20,500+ dedicated and enthusiastic women and men from the public sector, civil society, academic community, administrations, and international institutions from over 100 countries. AWC has also created a worldwide network of 400+ dynamic and influential stakeholders for the economic empowerment of women from more than 70 countries. Altogether, we are committed to take action and make a change to the economic empowerment across the world.



We aim to enable women to fully realize their potential, encouraging both men and women to become advocates, creators of changes, and leaders of their communities. We provide them with the needed resources, capabilities, and a worldwide online platform that promotes networking, training, and exchange of experience.



We offer several main steps to help empower women in the social community, business, and marketplace.

Treat all women and men fairly at work – we say no to discrimination.

Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality.

Ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all women and men employees.

Promote education and training of women of different ages.

Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy.

Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve our main goals.



Together we encourage both men and women to become advocates, creators of changes, and leaders of their communities.


Lisa Shimmer


Lisa is a forward thinker when it comes to women's empowerment. As a Director at American Women's Community, Lisa stands upon women's rights through continuous education and vocational job training. 


Helen Taylor


Helen is a Coordinator at American Women's Community for Europe and Central Asia. She specializes mainly in long-term cooperation with the private sector and universities.


Madeline Hunter

Program Director

Madeline is responsible for program management at the American Women's Community. Prior to joining our team, she has worked on defending human rights and strengthening social justice institutions.


Rebecca Bell


Rebecca is the Manager of the American Women's Community. She began consulting for our platform in January 2018. Rebecca has been working for more than eighteen years on the women's economic empowerment challenges.


Elizabeth Smith

Policy Specialist

Liz envisions a world where no woman or girl is left behind, therefore in her work, she is focusing on capacity building for the 21st-century job market; she strives to change the world of labor for the better creating equal opportunities for everyone. 


Ann Meyers

Region Coordinator

Ann is the Regional Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia. She pays special attention to building partnerships with the public sector, universities, and other organizations fighting for women's entrepreneurial and financial independence.




Submit a CV and a cover letter by e-mail, specify your desired position in the title, and send it all to American Women's Community Human Resources at amoc.liame%40cw



In the reports below, you will find all the information about our activities for each year.



Because we clearly understand that if girls and women have equal opportunities to learn, grow, work and communicate with others, they will be capable to fully realize their potential. Because every voice matters and each idea matters. Because together, we can build a better world for everybody. And we start right now.

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